swfmill 0.3.1 released

Today I’ve released swfmill 0.3.1.

swfmill is a tool that can decompose Flash movies (‘SWFs’) into an XML representation of the contents of the movie, and back again. If you know what you’re doing, and have some understanding of the SWF format, it’s just about practical to view and edit the resulting XML by hand. Alternatively you can use the built-in XSLT processor to modify SWFs programmatically, or generate SWFs from arbitrary XML data sets.

swfmill was originally written by Daniel Turing, but I’ve been irregularly maintaining it since June last year. Thanks to Chris K for bugging me to do another long-overdue release :).

New in this release:

  • Official Mac OS X binaries (Intel-only, sorry!).
  • Fix bad JPEG parsing code that would often get the image size completely wrong (thanks to Piers Haken).
  • In simple dialect, automatically detect the number of frames in a movie clip (‘frames’ attribute now optional).
  • Fix invalid SWF generation when embedding some fonts.
  • Support alternate text encodings in SWF (useful only in SWF 5 and below(!), and only if you know what you’re doing) (thanks to INADA Naoki).
  • Some changes to make compiling on Mac OS X (and in general) a little easier.

Download it from swfmill.org.